[DIVINE ENCOUNTER:] 20 yrs of Anointing Service:I want to remain and die under authority – J.

The anointing service is twenty years, how will you described this journey of twenty years?To the glory of the Almighty God, words are inadequate to express the grace that God has extended to us, but in a nut-shell, it has been by the grace of God that we are where we are today. It is by the grace of God. When I was posted here, Idimu was like a villa      Please Login to Read All


[DIVINE ENCOUNTER:] It’s Jesus, who has given me a story today—kunle Ekundayo

Deacon Olakunle Ekundayo is a pharmacist and the managing Director of Drugfield Manufacturing Company. He is also the initiator of Ajoke Foundation. He spoke with Sharon Ighile about his salvation experience and why his family gives scholarships to >> Click here for Full Details      Please Login to Read All